The best bone conduction headphones of 2024: Expert tested and reviewed

Shokz OpenRun Pro tech specs: Type: Open ear | Wired/wireless: Wireless | Waterproof rating: IP55 | Weight: 1.02 ounces | Battery life: 10 hours | Dimensions: 6.61 x 5.35 x 2.64 inches

Unlike earlier iterations of bone conduction headphones, the Shokz OpenRun Pro skip the in-ear buds design without jeopardizing audio quality and clarity, digging into a premium headphone at a not-too-shabby pricepoint. Thanks to Shokz TurboPitch engineering and Shokz ninth bone conduction technology, our testing concluded that with these headphones, safer running no longer has an ample sound tradeoff. 

ZDNET contributor Matthew Miller tried out the OpenRun Pro headset, and lauded the “lightweight, comfortable, and durable” design, and noted how little discomfort or pressure he felt while wearing and exercising with the headset. And users agree: As one Best Buy customer and OpenRun Pro owner put it, “This headphone is a unique audio marvel that superbly combines technology, design, and comfort.”

Review: Shokz OpenRun Pro: Outstanding bone conduction headset for safe training

“These headphones have become my go-to for jogging and outdoor activities, and I’ve found it to be quite a game changer,” said runner Kyle Roof. “[They] offer an excellent balance of sound quality, situational awareness, comfort, and durability.” 

To help them stay in place during your workout, Shokz includes a headband with your bone conduction headphones, and the titanium frame simply wraps around your head for a lightweight fit that is easy to wear when you are most active.

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