Siri is truly terrible, but I’m optimistic about its rumored iOS 18 reboot – here’s why

Twelve years on from its launch, Siri now feels like a modern-day Apple Newton. Both started life as bold new personal assistants, only to stagnate and fall by the wayside. And both have been the butt of jokes on big comedy shows – the Newton was famously skewered on The Simpsons, while Siri has more recently ‘starred’ in the latest season of Curb your Enthusiasm (warning: the scene in question contains a tirade of expletives).

Yet while the Newton was put out of its misery and canceled in 1998, Apple has kept Siri ticking over in our iPhones. Well, barely – anyone who’s used Siri will have their own tale of frustration about its seemingly diminishing IQ. Apple can’t let this continue. And fortunately, the evidence is mounting that we’ll finally get a Siri reboot (or at least, a makeover) at WWDC 2024.

Apple is strongly hinting that AI and, to a lesser extent, Siri will be at the forefront of its annual developer’s conference. Its SVP of Marketing Greg Joswiak posted on X (formerly Twitter) that the event will be “Absolutely Incredible”, with the capitalization unsubtly spelling AI. Plus, the promo’s typography (below) also has echoes of Siri’s color scheme.

A MacBook on a blue background showing the WWDC 2024 teaser page

(Image credit: Apple)

But a wave of credible rumors and Apple’s own machine learning research also support the theory that Siri could soon become, if not great, then at least not an anachronistic embarrassment.

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