B2Trader – Advanced Brokerage Platform: B2Broker’s $5M investment

The value of the cryptocurrency market has surpassed $2.37 trillion, and the sector is expanding quickly. This expansion is in line with the implementation of the MiCA regulations, which will begin on June 30, 2024, and with a subsequent phase on December 30, 2024. The latter phase will focus on improving market openness and confidence to promote wider use.

The traditional FX market, which provides 128 currency pairs to over 50 million traders, is losing ground to cryptocurrency. With a huge selection of over 20,000 coins and tokens and attracting a trading community of over 300 million, cryptocurrency is fueling the expansion of the FX market. The extensive application of blockchain technology and L2 solutions in various industries, including finance and fintech, is fueling the expansion of the cryptocurrency market.

So, in response to the increase in demand for crypto trading, B2Broker has introduced the B2Trader Brokerage Platform (BBP), a solution that helps companies immediately interact with the cryptocurrency market and speed up their revenue production.

B2Trader: Using Efficiency and Speed to Revolutionise Brokerage

B2Trader is designed for enterprise-level brokerage firms and performs exceptionally well in the volatile financial markets. Fundamentally, it can process up to 3000 trades per second, supports 3000 trading instruments, and provides market data updates every 100 milliseconds. Orders can be placed in as short as 1 millisecond. Advances in computing and cloud technologies further expand its possibilities.

Under the management of Arthur Azizov, B2Broker—which was founded in 2014 in the FOREX market and began offering cryptocurrency solutions in 2017—has grown to be a reputable FinTech brand that has won numerous accolades. After a $5 million investment and 18 months of intense development from a talented group of 40 engineers, B2Trader is ready to launch and grow its product line in the coming year.

Advanced Technology and Seamless Integrations

Utilising a state-of-the-art technology stack hosted on AWS to reduce hardware concerns, B2Trader offers unmatched security, scalability, and reliability. It uses CloudFlare for DDoS protection, Docker and Kubernetes for deployment scalability, MongoDB and Amazon Redshift for data management, and TradingView for market insights. The FIX protocol increases its dependability and efficiency.

In addition to having a strong platform, B2Trader interacts with Marksman to make it simple to connect to leading exchanges to establish failover mechanisms, execute execution and routing techniques, and build out varied liquidity pools. This suite, which includes a trading platform, CRM, OMS, and more, gives contemporary brokerages strong capabilities to manage the cryptocurrency market successfully.

Important Parties Benefiting from B2Trader

B2Trader is a unique platform that serves a broad range of financial organisations, such as banks, market makers, liquidity providers, OTC trading desks, brokers of cryptocurrencies and FOREX, and payment processors. It prepares them to take advantage of present market trends and enter the growing cryptocurrency industry.

Solutions Across the Financial Spectrum

  • FOREX Brokers: By offering crypto spot trading, B2Trader improves established platforms and draws traders who are interested in directly owning cryptocurrencies. Regulated brokers can also use it to separate digital asset trading, promoting market diversification and competitive advantage.
  • Crypto Brokers: Adding crypto spot trading with B2Trader to your offers helps keep customers coming back and fulfil the growing demand for trading cryptocurrencies, which strengthens your brokerage’s position in the market.
  • Market makers: The platform makes it easier to access a wide range of exchanges, which enables effective consolidation of liquidity, competitive pricing, and optimal order routing.
  • Liquidity Providers: Adding cryptocurrencies makes trading more appealing to a larger range of traders, and B2Trader offers the resources needed to expand market share and boost earnings.
  • Financial Institutions (Banks, PSPs, and EMIs): B2Trader provides a tactical edge by facilitating the establishment of liquidity pools, thorough asset management, and seamless integration of crypto services into current financial operations.

B2Trader’s broad API and component set guarantee seamless integration into any company model, providing access to the exciting world of cryptocurrency trading.

B2Trader may be integrated with any CRM via REST API or be available as a turnkey solution. Within a week, you can start your crypto spot broker by contacting the account managers and utilising the free demo!


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